Alexandra Shpitonkova
inspired by wild nature
About Alexandra
My name is Alexandra Shpitonkova, I'm an artist from Moscow, Russia.

I have a degree in fine arts from one of the leading art school in Russia - Surikov Art Institute. I professionaly do painting since 2015, I took part in 5 exhibitions in Moscow, also I give live classes and plain-airs.

My main inspiration in art is animals and wild nature. The beauty and uniqueness of animals is not the only thing I strive to express in my paintings. I absolutely believe that wild living creatures have a lot in common with human beings, especially character, emotions, preferences and much more. That is what inspires me more than everything else.

Among my «models» there are wild cats, birds, crocodiles, porcupines, hoofed mammals and I constantly look for new ones!

Also I have two stunning Abyssinian cats, which always inspire me and give true feedback on my work.
amazing cats
The Team teachable
60x38 cm, tempera, paper
Perfect shape
The Team teachable
21x30 cm, tempera, paper
Ice cream
The Team teachable
21x30 cm, tempera, paper
Bad wine
The Team teachable
21x30 cm, tempera, paper
Sweet tooth
The Team teachable
21x30 cm, tempera, paper
21x30 cm, tempera, paper
21x30 cm, tempera, paper
In the window
30x21 cm, tempera on paper
In wait for bath
that moment
30x21 cm, tempera on paper
one of my sweet abbyssinian girls
160x85 cm, oil on canvas
Ange et demon
inspired by my abyssinians
35x30 cm, oil on canvas
To my beloved slave
50x70cm, oil on canvas
She's always right
wild spirit
The Team teachable
40x40 cm, tempera, gold acrylic
inspired by ocelot Babu who was the pet of Salvador Dali
22x50 cm, tempera
50x60 cm, tempera
a little bit of Elvis, a little bit of peacock
30x30 cm, tempera on paper
blah blah blah
20x30 cm, oil
Lion King
like humans
The Team teachable
30x40 cm, tempera on paper
we all faced that
40x67 cm, tempera on paper
Different beauty
40x58 cm, tempera on paper
Red planet
tempera on paper
and her lunch
The Team teachable
The Team teachable
100x80 cm, oil on canvas
100x80 cm, oil on canvas
Blind Ibises
not only beauty
The Team teachable
40x60 cm, oil on canvas
mother is always a mother
40x50 cm, oil on canvas

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Alexandra Shpitonkova
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